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Christmas ball wreath (gold & green)
Price  $ 60.00 CAD
Falling leaves Wreath
Price  $ 80.00 CAD
Yellow Easter wreath
 Easter bunnies wreath 
Price  $ 50.00 CAD
Shimmering fall wreath
Price  $ 40.00 CAD
Silent night snowmen wreath
 Cute snowmen wreath set on a hand-painted blue wicker wreath.  Snowkids under the night stars waiting for christmas 
Price  $ 45.00 CAD
Spring Egg Wreath

This is a very contemporary Spring wreath design.  It reflects nature as we find blue eggs in nest and anything bright beautiful and new as this season progresses.   Basic measure is 24", but with volumen of spiral grass it reaches approximately 30" 

Price  $ 40.00 CAD
White Blossom Spring Tree Centre Piece
This is a white blossom Spring tree centre piece, this tree art is one we're most proud of. Tree was completely hand-crafted from top to bottom, each natural branch at a time. 
Each blossom placed to resemble a natural blooming tree. Great piece for a big dinning room table or even a nice outdoor patio table. This piece measures around 29" 1/2 tall, requires enough space for branches that come from diffrerent angles. 

* Plate with stones and candle holder included!
Price  $ 45.00 CAD
Faux Lavender Wreath
Price  $ 60.00 CAD
Square Wreath with Rose Motif
Price  $ 35.00 CAD
White flower Wreath
Price  $ 50.00 CAD
Mossed Wreath
Price  $ 35.00 CAD
Christmas pink theme wreath
Price  $ 48.00 CAD
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